Tango events of 2010

Tango Baltica DJs play for you: New Year’s Milongas in Riga

31 December – 2 January

31.12.2010: Milonga at HiCentrs with DJ Evaldas, Lithuania

This milonga is organized by Lena & Dima from Hicentrs. You are kindly asked to buy tickets in advance (before 20-th of December) to give the organizers planning safety. For more details please visit their homepage: http://www.hicentrs.lv/

01.01.2011: Milonga at Café Bastejkalns with DJ Reinis, Latvia starting from 22:00

This milonga is organized by Aigars from Tangostudio. Food (snacks, salads, sweets) and drinks are for sale in the restaurant – as always. However as we expect some more people to come we ask you kindly to register by clicking here so that we can inform the restaurant about the approximate amount of participants.

02.01.2011: Milonga at Baltā Pirts (Tallinas street 71) with DJ Maaret, Estonia

Place of milonga changed to Baltā Pirts in Riga. Milonga is hosted by Ieva & Misha. It will start at 20:00 and go on until 24:00. Entry price 2 LVL.

If you would like to come please register here.

Accommodation in Riga: we recommend you hotel Avalon or Radi & Draugi in the old town or find a variety of hostels. If you would like to stay privately at tango dancers please contact us before 29-th of December at: heidrun@tangobaltica.org

Milonga in Bastejkalns – Riga

11 December 2010

Aigars Stirna from Tangostudio is inviting you to a special Milonga to celebrate the International Tango day and birthday of Carlos Gardel in cafe Bastejkalns (Old Riga, Z. Meierovica Str. 12). Beginning at 22:00.

Carlos Gardel Milonga in Vilnius

11. December 2010

Our Lithuanian friends asked us to promote their Carlos Gardel Milonga on 11-th December in Vilnius. Please find more information at www.tangoargentino.lt or at the Facebook event page.

For accommodation please contact Audrius Steikunas (saudrius@gmail.com, +37065668872), he is the main organizer.

Workshop weekend with Margita & Zigis at El Naranjerito

18 – 21 November: Workshop weekend with Margita & Zigis at El Naranjerito (www.tangoargentino.lv): special topic: Enrosques and Aguilieras – all the nice things a leader can do and the perfect turns of his follower to support it.