Fabian Peralta cancelled

The event with Fabian Peralta, that was planned in Riga around 18 November 2013, is cancelled.

El Arte del Tango

Priecīga ziņa visiem tango mākslas mīļotājiem!

Tango Sun Festival rīkotāji aicina jūs uz Argentīnas tango koncerta El Arte del Tango pirmizrādi 2013. gada 15. augustā Rīgā, Latviešu biedrības namā.

Biļetes uz koncertu var iegādāties sākot no 2013. gada 25. marta Biļešu servisa kasēs. Biļešu skaits ierobežots.

Par koncertu vairāk lasiet šeit.


Good news for tango art lovers!

The organizers of Tango Sun Festival invite you to Argentinian tango concert El Arte del Tango premiere in Riga, Latvian Society House, August 15, 2013.

The tickets are available in Bilesu serviss starting from March 25, 2013. The number of tickets is limited.

More about concert please read here.

Tango Port Tallinn 2013

11 – 14 July 2013 (Estonia, Tallin)


Estonia, Tallinn – Salme 12 (workshops)
Milongas with live music at various places in Tallinn

Veronica Palacios & Omar Quiroga (Argentina)
Inês Gomes & Rui Barroso (Portugal)
Brigita Urbietyte (Lithuania) & Carlos Rodriguez de Boedo (Argentina)
Kaja & Martin Keil (Estonia/Germany)

For the 3rd time already Tango Port Tallinn invites you to different places near the port as well the famous Old Town of Tallinn – a city that hides thousands of secrets in its romantic medieval heart. The festival is organised by NGO Tango Tallinn in cooperation with Tallinn Maritime Days.

This year the dancers of classical tango and tango nuevo can meet to have lessons and milongas with live music and world famous tango performers and teachers such as Veronica Palacios & Omar Quiroga (Argentina), Brigita Urbietyte (Lithuania) & Carlos Rodriguez de Boedo (Argentina) and two wonderful couples who pleased us with their presence also at Tango Port Tallinn 2012 – Inês Gomes & Rui Barroso (Portugal) and Kaja & Martin Keil (Estonia, Germany).

Live music will be played during Friday and Saturday concert-milongas. The artists include a quartet Derrotas Cadenas from from Argentina as well as young Estonian musicians.

Organiser: NGO Tango Tallinn,

Valentine Tango workshop Villa Ammende

14 February 2013, Pärnu, Estonia

2 tango workshops & Salon by Lucien & Frauke in Parnu, Estonia, on Valentines day 2013, 14 february. Location is the beautifull art deco Villa of Ammende in Parnu ( 120 km from Tallin)

Participants of this event will get a reduction of 50% in the Double Ocho Festival

More information here:

Where to dance in Riga before Tango Sun Festival?

For those of you arriving earlier to Riga, here some information where you can dance the days before the event:

on 19 August from 18:00 – 23:30 you can dance at Kanepju Centrs, Skolas iela 15 (milonga hosted by Aigars Stirna,;

and on 21 August from 21:00 you can dance at El Naranjerito, Bruninieku iela 47 (milonga hosted by Margita Antonova and Zigmunds Abolins,


Tango Sun Festival team

International Argentinian Tango Camp in Liepaja, Latvia

27 July – 29 July 2012, Liepaja, Latvia

Laura Priori & Andreas von Maxen, Germany
Luigi Prina & Miria Gualtieri, Italy
Ginta Opmane, Latvia
Juergen Schindler, Germany
Liene Vesmina, Latvia

More information here

Tango Port Tallinn 2012

12 July – 15 July 2012, Estonia, Tallin

The 2nd international Argentine tango festival in Tallinn.

• Cecilia González (Argentina) & Somer Sürgit (USA, Turkey)
• Inês Gomes & Rui Barroso (Portugal)
• Kaja & Martin Keil (Estonia/Germany)

More information here

Tango weekend at Baltā Pirts with Dmitry Antonyuk from Pskov

4 workshops with Dmitry Antonyuk and Aleksandra Orina (Russia) in Riga, ‘Balta Pirts’, 28-29 January. Price per workshop and per person: 5 Lats.

More information…

Tango Baltica DJs play for you: New Year’s Milongas in Riga

31 December – 2 January

31.12.2010: Milonga at HiCentrs with DJ Evaldas, Lithuania

This milonga is organized by Lena & Dima from Hicentrs. You are kindly asked to buy tickets in advance (before 20-th of December) to give the organizers planning safety. For more details please visit their homepage:

01.01.2011: Milonga at Café Bastejkalns with DJ Reinis, Latvia starting from 22:00

This milonga is organized by Aigars from Tangostudio. Food (snacks, salads, sweets) and drinks are for sale in the restaurant – as always. However as we expect some more people to come we ask you kindly to register by clicking here so that we can inform the restaurant about the approximate amount of participants.

02.01.2011: Milonga at Baltā Pirts (Tallinas street 71) with DJ Maaret, Estonia

Place of milonga changed to Baltā Pirts in Riga. Milonga is hosted by Ieva & Misha. It will start at 20:00 and go on until 24:00. Entry price 2 LVL.

If you would like to come please register here.

Accommodation in Riga: we recommend you hotel Avalon or Radi & Draugi in the old town or find a variety of hostels. If you would like to stay privately at tango dancers please contact us before 29-th of December at:

Milonga in Bastejkalns – Riga

11 December 2010

Aigars Stirna from Tangostudio is inviting you to a special Milonga to celebrate the International Tango day and birthday of Carlos Gardel in cafe Bastejkalns (Old Riga, Z. Meierovica Str. 12). Beginning at 22:00.