Dear All,

thank you for being so interested in the workshops with Ricky and Laura! All courses on the weekend are fully booked.
We are arranging 3 more classes on Monday and Tuesday 4th and 5th of April for which you can register:

WS8 – New combinations for the close embrace in a small space (similar to WS1 but different combinations) (middle / advanced)

WS9 – More complicated combinations with boleos (advanced) as a follow-up for WS5

WS10 – Never-ending contact between partners – how to dance WITH your partner no matter how is your physical distance (middle) It’s a new topic to improve partners connection.

WS8 and WS9 are for dancers who either would like to learn more about the topics and also for those who have not attended WS1 and WS5 during the weekend.

These courses will take place at “El Naranjerito” at Bruninieku str 47. and cost 9 LVL.

WS8 – Monday 18:30
WS9 – Monday 20:15
WS10 – Tuesday 18:30 and after that – farewell milonga with Ricky and Laura.