The “Tango Baltica” concept

Our philosophy about “Tango Baltica” is to match Baltic tango dancers and create the great feeling of an intercultural tango network in our region. Our countries are small and our tango communities, too – logically, widening the activities across our borders will give us more variety and excitement for our tango experiences. We see a great benefit from this cross-country cooperation and support it since November 2007 with regular events – we organize weekend workshops with local and international maestros, we are the organizing team of the TangoSunfestival in Jurmala each summer, we initiate special milongas and tango travels.

We organized already a variety of tango events for the communities in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and also invite their neighborhood: St. Petersburg and Pskov regions, Belarus, Finland – and Germany (Heidrun’s home country). We also support the organizers of Tango events in our countries – Tangostudio, Tango Club El Naranjerito, HiCentrs, Tango Riga, Tango Club Vilnius and Tango Tallinn – and promote their activities or initiaite joint events, invite participants from our network, match dancing partners (“Heidrun’s tango partner search institute”….), help to find accommodation and, and, and…

With this web site we would like to establish an information tool for you all – it shall be mainly a tool to publish the calendar of our activities, but also to link to our partners and promote Tango activities in the Eastern Baltic Sea region by this.