Dear Tangueras and Tangueros,


time to get ready! Tomorrow we start the festival accompanying our wedding festivity and we would like to introduce our DJs and the milongas to you:


Thu 3.5. – 20:00 – 23:59 – Festivalito La Boda – opening milonga

The opening milonga will start on 3rd May at 20:00 at Tango Chocolate. DJ Veronica Villaroel and DJ Marcelo Soria welcome you heartily. You may expect tasty Empanadas, freshly important from Argentina and a Strawberry-Kiwi Punch made by Maestro Marcelo.


Fri 4.5. – 21:00 – …. – Festivalito La Boda – visiting La Yumba

While the non-dancers among the guests will have a wedding dinner, DJ Bärbel Rücker will play for the dancers at La Yumba her fantastic tandas – full of her energy and her great feeling for the right music at the right moment. Bride and groom will come over for a midnight Vals to La Yumba and we expect many dancers from abroad.


Sat 5.5. – 15:00 – 19:00 – Festivalito La Boda –  day milonga at Chocolate

After the workshops you can experience your newly achieved skills at the day milonga and prepare yourself for the evening: DJ Paul Strudwick from UK will be for the first time in Hamburg – “The magic roundabout milonga” and play for you. Lets greet him here and dance to his music!


Sat 5.5. – 20:00 – 03:00 – Festivalito La Boda – Milonga Grande at theatre DIE BURG

For the Milonga Grande we have found a spectacular location: Die Burg („the castle“) – a theatre hall in a former church. We find it suits very well to a wedding.  Starting from 21:00 DJ Don Carlos will heat the dancing floor in his typical glorious way, the energy will float to a peak. Orchestra Silencio will play two magic sets for you, at about 22:30 and at midnight. Diana del Valle & Juan Camerlingo as well as Veronica Villaroel & Marcelo Soria will dance with the life music their shows – for us, for you! Be sure: it will be remarkable! Before the Milonga starts you can get dressed right at the spot: we open the foyer from 20:00 to present to you tango fashion by Gabriele Stankozi (gs-move) and shoes by Rosanna Sabaini.


Sun 6.5. – 16:30 – 23:00 – Festivalito La Boda – Farewell milonga

Also a wedding weekend must end. Our long-years friend Evaldas Drasutis from Lithuania will be the DJ of the farewell milonga at the Chocolate. Evaldas started DJing in the Baltics more than 12 years – he trained many local DJs there.  For our wedding he will for the first time play in Hamburg – very traditional, very well structured and in high quality sound. We guarantee full joy for your dancing. And we offer delicious cakes (included in the entry fee) from a local bakery.


We can´t wait to dance on these great sounds. Please, come along and share the joy with us.


Heidrun & Reinis