Queerida Queer Tango Marathon coming to Riga, Latvia: September 14-16, 2018!

Queer Tango Marathon Queerida is a queer tango event, especially for dancers who lead and follow, dual role dancers, and the queertango community. This boutique tango marathon will take place at 3Māsas in Old Riga in Latvija September 14-16, 2018, in the heart of a mysterious Baltic capital with 24 hours of dancing, food and fun!
For more information, Contact Jamie at or visit:

Milongas and DJs of La Boda

Dear Tangueras and Tangueros,


time to get ready! Tomorrow we start the festival accompanying our wedding festivity and we would like to introduce our DJs and the milongas to you:


Thu 3.5. – 20:00 – 23:59 – Festivalito La Boda – opening milonga

The opening milonga will start on 3rd May at 20:00 at Tango Chocolate. DJ Veronica Villaroel and DJ Marcelo Soria welcome you heartily. You may expect tasty Empanadas, freshly important from Argentina and a Strawberry-Kiwi Punch made by Maestro Marcelo.


Fri 4.5. – 21:00 – …. – Festivalito La Boda – visiting La Yumba

While the non-dancers among the guests will have a wedding dinner, DJ Bärbel Rücker will play for the dancers at La Yumba her fantastic tandas – full of her energy and her great feeling for the right music at the right moment. Bride and groom will come over for a midnight Vals to La Yumba and we expect many dancers from abroad.


Sat 5.5. – 15:00 – 19:00 – Festivalito La Boda –  day milonga at Chocolate

After the workshops you can experience your newly achieved skills at the day milonga and prepare yourself for the evening: DJ Paul Strudwick from UK will be for the first time in Hamburg – “The magic roundabout milonga” and play for you. Lets greet him here and dance to his music!


Sat 5.5. – 20:00 – 03:00 – Festivalito La Boda – Milonga Grande at theatre DIE BURG

For the Milonga Grande we have found a spectacular location: Die Burg („the castle“) – a theatre hall in a former church. We find it suits very well to a wedding.  Starting from 21:00 DJ Don Carlos will heat the dancing floor in his typical glorious way, the energy will float to a peak. Orchestra Silencio will play two magic sets for you, at about 22:30 and at midnight. Diana del Valle & Juan Camerlingo as well as Veronica Villaroel & Marcelo Soria will dance with the life music their shows – for us, for you! Be sure: it will be remarkable! Before the Milonga starts you can get dressed right at the spot: we open the foyer from 20:00 to present to you tango fashion by Gabriele Stankozi (gs-move) and shoes by Rosanna Sabaini.


Sun 6.5. – 16:30 – 23:00 – Festivalito La Boda – Farewell milonga

Also a wedding weekend must end. Our long-years friend Evaldas Drasutis from Lithuania will be the DJ of the farewell milonga at the Chocolate. Evaldas started DJing in the Baltics more than 12 years – he trained many local DJs there.  For our wedding he will for the first time play in Hamburg – very traditional, very well structured and in high quality sound. We guarantee full joy for your dancing. And we offer delicious cakes (included in the entry fee) from a local bakery.


We can´t wait to dance on these great sounds. Please, come along and share the joy with us.


Heidrun & Reinis

Workshops with Diana y Juan – registration is open!

Dear Tangueras and Tangueros,

The registration for the workshops with Diana y Juan has started – don’t be late!

Diana and Juan develop their new teaching material further constantly and bring along to our festivalito new workshop ideas. Join us, we are sure, these workshops will be a highlight for you!

WS1 – Vals (May 5 – 11:30 – 13:00) “How different is Vals in comparison to Tango or Milonga?”
WS2 – Milonga (May 5 – 13:15 – 14:45) “You dance milonga and wish to work on refining it”
WS3 – Tango 1 (May 6 – 13:00 – 14:30) “Rhythmical improvisations – a revolutionary way of contact with each other and the music”
WS4 – Tango 2 (May 6 – 14:45 – 16:15) „Pivots & Colgadas“

Price: 1st WS 25€, 2nd WS 22€, 3rd and 4th WS 20€

Registration at:

Heidrun & Reinis

Wedding News – Milonga Grande Location and Hotel offer

Dear Tangueras and Tangueros,
we are happy to announce that the location for the Milonga Grande on 5 May 2018 is booked: “Die BURG – Theater am Biedermanplatz” – a former church that nowadays is a theatre, a spectacular location for a tango wedding.
Furthermore, we would like to announce that you can get 20% reduction for Hotel BeeFang ( on all their current prices for different sized rooms – please check their website and book yourself by indicating that you are guest of “Tango Chocolate Festival”.
Less than four months until the great event, see you soon,

Heidrun & Reinis

La Boda – the Tango Wedding May 2018, Hamburg

We, Reinis and Heidrun, will get married on 4 May 2018 I Hamburg, our current town of residence. How could we do it without a good tango party?

Here it is: our wedding Festivalito “La Boda” in Hamburg, 3-6 May 2018 – at the Tango Chocolate (there, were we kissed each other ten years ago for the first time!) and in cooperation with Marcelo Soria & Veronica Villaroel. It will become a great event and we hope on many dancers and friends from our good old Tango Sun Festival times!

Orchestra Silencio will play at the Milonga Grande, Diana del Valle & Juan Camerlingo will dance a show for us and give workshops; we will have Milongas on 4 evenings and during the full weekend days with DJ Marcelo Soria, DJ Bärbel Rücker, DJ Don Carlos Goiach, DJ Evaldas Drasutis and others.

Please, see the full Programme: here

Come and dance with us!

Join us on Facebook:

Heidrun & Reinis

La Boda – The Tango Wedding

Hamburg 3-6 May 2018

Registration: here

Please write to if you have problems with the registration.


3 May 2018

20:00 – 24:00    Warming-up Milonga at Tango Chocolate, Kirchenallee 25, 20099 Hamburg (Center)

DJ: Veronica Villaroel & Marcelo Soria (Argentina/Germany)

4 May 2018

14:00 – …            The wedding and concert at Tango Chocolate (invited guests only)

21:00 – ….           Milonga at La Yumba, Kastanienallee 9, 20359 Hamburg (St. Pauli)

DJ: Bärbel Rücker (Germany/UK)

5 May 2018

11.30 – 14.45    Workshops with Diana del Valle & Juan Camerlingo at Tango Chocolate

15:00 – 19:00    Day Milonga at Tango Chocolate

DJ: Paul Strudwick (UK)

21:00 –   3:00     Milonga Grande at Die BURG – Volkmannstrasse 6, 22083 Hamburg

Live: Silencio (Quintetto)

Show:  Diana del Valle & Juan Camerlingo

DJ: Don Carlos Goiach (Argentina/DE)

6 May 2018

13.00 – 16.15    Workshops with Diana del Valle & Juan Camerlingo at Tango Chocolate

16:30 – 23:00    Chillout Milonga (with cake) at Tango Chocolate

DJ: Evaldas Drasutis (Lithuania)



Workshops: 1st WS 25€, 2nd WS 22€, 3rd and 4th WS 20€

Milonga on Thursday 7€

Milonga on Friday 7€ (La Yumba)

Day Milonga on Saturday 5€

Gala Milonga on Saturday 20€ (advance payment) 25€ (at the entry)

Sunday Milonga 8€

Milonga Pass (excluding La Yumba) 30€ (advance payment)

Please register here (opens in a new tab).

August 28, Jurmala Culture Centre, Concert – “Silencio. Un tango más.”

The overwhelming emotional experience created by Tango Orchestra “Silencio” and dancers from Argentina and the Baltic Sea Region on 28 August 2015 will carry you away and the impressions will remain with you long after the concert.

Apart from piano player Roger Helou, the ensemble consists of Omar Fernandez on vocals, Winifried Holzenkamp on double bass, Amadeo Espina on viola, and Jose-Luis Betancor on bandoneon.

It will be authentic Argentinean music, attractive because of its origins – it is a mixture of Spanish, Criollo (Gaucho/Native from the countryside) and certainly African elements of music.

Although the main highlight of the concert is the music of tango in its multiple shades and colors, some of the pieces will be supplemented by dance performed by the famous Argentinean Maestros Lorena Ermocida & Pancho Martinez Pey, the unmatched Argentinean Maestro Jesus Velazquez with Margita Antonova (Latvia), as well as dancers from our neighboring countries Jessica Štšerbakova from Estonia with her partner Somer Surgit (Turkey) and Maria and Pasi Lauren from Finland.

Concert venue: 35 Jomas iela, Jurmala; Jurmala Culture Centre, Big Hall. (By the way, it is not very big – it only has 350 places, so don’t be late with getting your ticket at Bilesu Serviss sales points or on the internet! Ticket price includes refreshment.)

Tango Sun Festival 2015

The registration for participation in the biggest Argentinian tango festival in Baltics – 8th TANGO SUN FESTIVAL on 25.08-01.09 in Riga and Jurmala, Latvia, is open and ongoing!

Our idea for the workshop program this year is to offer intensive seminar packages for those of you who would like to work hard on your technique or learn combinations and study the music to improve your dance flow. Additionally we offer a few thematic seminars like Milonga and Vals and a solo technique workshop for followers and leaders.

A special novelty this year will be a musicality seminar with the leader of the Orchestra Silencio – Roger Helou, together with dancers Maria and Pasi Lauren from Finland.

We have invited again the fantastic orchestra Silencio to play live music during the Milonga grande and to create a unique concert for you together with the dancers (Tickets you can get here). We are sure this will be among the peaks of the festival.

We are very glad to have a more intensive cooperation with the city of Jurmala and the culture center so that you can enjoy a package of 4 days and nights in this beautiful town at the baltic sea shore. Prior to the event in Jurmala the local tango schools will host 2 milongas in Riga and after the festival as well.

Enjoy the 8. Tango Sun Festival with us, the registration page is here:

TSF 2014 Thank you and see you!

Dear Tango Sun Festival participants, dancers, choreographers, musicians, DJs, partners, helpers, and, and, and…
We would like to thank you for having created together with us such a great Tango Sun Festival 2014 – it was a fantastic atmosphere and a great piece of Argentinean tango art which we lived. You did it with us, all of you – we did it with you and for you. We would like to express our gratitude once more to our sponsors for financial support – the Embassy of Argentina in Finland, the representation of Lufthansa in Riga, the Riga City Council and the Jurmala City Council – your support was needed and very appreciated!
And we hope to see you all next year again in the same spirit – we are working already on the programme and will announce it in short.
If you want to study more intensively with our dear maestros and cannot wait until they are back to Europe you have to visit them in Buenos Aires – Lufthansa told us they have a new autumn offer via Frankfurt and invites you to visit their homepage for checking!!!!

See you next year: 25 August – 1 September 2015, save the date!

Your Tango Sun Festival Team

Tango Sun Festival 2014

The 7th Tango Sun Festival will take place from 26 August till 2 September 2014 in Riga and Jurmala, Latvia, with the fantastic maestros from Argentina
Laura Melo & Ricardo Barrios and Lorena Ermocida & Pancho Martinez Pey and with Orchestra SILENCIO.
We offer 8 evening milongas, 3 day milongas during the weekend and a set of workshops and seminarios.
Due to the success of our concert show during previous festival (see the summary video here) we plan also in 2014 a concert show – it will take place on 28 August in Riga Congress Hall and will be especially choreographed for this occasion by Ricardo Barrios. Our Argentinean maestros will dance together with dancers from the Baltics and with life music by SILENCIO – don’t miss it!

Tango Sun Festival Team

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