Wuppertal, the “Tango-Mekka” of Germany will this year host a fantastic festival programme – a long weekend due to German national holiday on 3 October makes the festival maxi-size, maestros, musicians, DJs and some sensational new locations will guarantee an extraordinary tango event. We are partner of the Wuppertal Festival and have special financial conditions – some reductions for selected workshops and Milonga passport – and can help with low price or private accommodation. If you have questions, ask Heidrun, she is in charge of the arrangements.

Prices –  only for dancers from Baltic States, RU/BY etc.

1st Workshop always 25€, 2nd: 23€, 3rd: 21€, further 19€

Green WS – special baltic price: (list attached).

The 1st workshop always 25 €
18 €  2. green workshop (5 Eu reduced)
16 €  3. green workshop (5 Eu reduced)
14 €  each further green workshop (5 Eu reduced)

Ball night:
25% reduction for table III/26 (31€ instead of 39€). Späteintritt (Later entry) ab 22:30 Uhr 15€.

All Milongas & Shows from Festival-Friday till Sunday (inkl. places at table III/26 ball night) 57€.

Join us!
Heidrun & Reinis