June 1-4, 2012, Riga, Latvia

Tango essentials: technics for art” (4 x 90 minutes + lady’s special class)
Intensive Workshop with Dmitry Antoniuk and Aleksandra Orina from St.Petersburg

Tango lessons will be held in Baltā Pirts, Tallinas street 71 on Saturday 2 June 12:30 – 17:30 and Sunday 14:00 – 17:15.
We plan a special lesson for ladies on Satuday 12:30 – 14:00 and 4 lessons of tango, each two on Saturday and Sunday.

This time you can register and come without a partner, the programme will be arranged in a way that single ladies will have on what to work also without a partner or change will be facilitated.

Price: 1 lesson 7 Ls, the package of 4 tango lessons 24 Ls, but you can book the lessons also separately.

Welcome to the workshops, Dima and Sasha have shown in January that they are excellent teachers – yes, we have noticed that this is what they are skilled in – teaching tango! Its worth to join the classes.

You can also take private lessons on 1 and 4 June, by the way.

Course topics:
Lesson 1. Comfortable and efficient body alignment, formation and
maintenance of the couple.
Lesson 2. Linear and circular motion of the couple (promenada y giro).
Opportunities of parallel system.
Lesson 3. “Binary Star” – united motion and united sensations of the couple.
Lesson 4. Exercising tango essentials with combinations of “milongueros viejos”.

Special course for ladies:
Art & craft of being woman in tango: purpose in action.


Танго-необходимости: набор для недетского творчества” (4 урока по 90 минут + спецкурс для девушек)
Спецкурс Дмитрия Антонюка и Александры Ориной (Санкт-Петербург)

Темы уроков:
Занятие 1. Удобная и функциональная “сборка” тела для танго, создание и сохранение пары.
Занятие 2. Линейное и круговое движение пары (promenada y giro).
Возможности параллельной системы.
Занятие 3. “Двойная звезда” – единое движение и единая сенсорика пары.
Занятие 4. Комбинации “старых милонгерос” для практики базовых идей танго.

Спецкурс для девушек:
Искусство быть женщиной в танго: от замысла к результату.