11 – 14 July 2013 (Estonia, Tallin)


Estonia, Tallinn – Salme 12 (workshops)
Milongas with live music at various places in Tallinn

Veronica Palacios & Omar Quiroga (Argentina)
Inês Gomes & Rui Barroso (Portugal)
Brigita Urbietyte (Lithuania) & Carlos Rodriguez de Boedo (Argentina)
Kaja & Martin Keil (Estonia/Germany)

For the 3rd time already Tango Port Tallinn invites you to different places near the port as well the famous Old Town of Tallinn – a city that hides thousands of secrets in its romantic medieval heart. The festival is organised by NGO Tango Tallinn in cooperation with Tallinn Maritime Days.

This year the dancers of classical tango and tango nuevo can meet to have lessons and milongas with live music and world famous tango performers and teachers such as Veronica Palacios & Omar Quiroga (Argentina), Brigita Urbietyte (Lithuania) & Carlos Rodriguez de Boedo (Argentina) and two wonderful couples who pleased us with their presence also at Tango Port Tallinn 2012 – Inês Gomes & Rui Barroso (Portugal) and Kaja & Martin Keil (Estonia, Germany).

Live music will be played during Friday and Saturday concert-milongas. The artists include a quartet Derrotas Cadenas from from Argentina as well as young Estonian musicians.

Organiser: NGO Tango Tallinn, tango.tallinn@gmail.com
Contact: info@tangoporttallinn.com