25 – 27 October 2013 (Riga, Latvia)

We are waiting tango dancers for an autumn tango marathon in Riga to embrace our friends, dance on gold leaves and get to know new people. Together we will make a tango fest during the last weekend of October.


Tango fest for friends, friends of friends, and we will be happy if friends of your friends will tell our news forward to their tango communities, because to make fest together much more enliven. Our moto is: EMBARCE FOR ALL. That means – no matter what kind of embrace or style of tango you prefer, when you respect your colleagues on dance floor and tango music – you are welcome!

Tango fest of music and for DJs, because one DJ – this is good, but two DJs always better twice! Of course, not everybody will accept that kind of experiment – more difficult, impossible to use prepared play lists and you have to be VERY concentrated on the mood of milonga, BUT twice more drive and all time absolutely unexpected decisions are guaranteed, In other words, tandem of DJs it is jazz by DJs, duet to get a harmony for excellent atmosphere! During night for your attention will play music men DJs tandems, don’t miss them! And, on day milongas for you will “sing” duets of DJ-girls!

And for dancers – we like if you are sitting not only for pleasure, but also for education. Our marathon will start on Friday with lessons of tango music history by Massimo Politelli (Italy). Massimo many times presented his lessons and very happy this time to listen him in Riga.

The huge dance hall allow not thinking about limits for participants, but anyway we would be appreciated to have your pre-registration to check the gender balance, as well as calculate quantity of night hot soup and give the correct number of participants for a bar (for snacks and drinks). Registration starts on July, 15 by email: info@tangomarathon.lv

Organizer of the marathon – Argentine tango school (www.hitango.lv) in cooperation with dance studio DanceStar (www.dancestar.lv)