26 – 28 April (Riga & Kekava)
In cooperation with HiCentrs, who kindly hosts the workshops on Friday, 26th

8 Workshops (each of them 90 minutes)
We offer two different kinds of workshops: the first four Workshops are addressing basic techniques that are essential for a good tango dancer to remind himself – no matter if being advanced or just a beginner, it’s the most important: “the basics”. You can take them as one package, but you also can choose some of them:

Basics: for advanced, intermediate and advanced beginners (not for absolute beginners):

  1. Basics of the individual technique (how to manage the corporal weight, the axis and to achieve a correct posture to the moment to dance, facilitating this way the movement executions)
  2. Dissociation, technique and application to basic movements, as being ochos and half giro
  3. Communication in the couple, since fluency of movement obtains improving the exchange of information (leading) and the comfort of the embrace
  4. Walking well! Linear and circular treks, technique and combinations
  5. Then we have 4 different thematic workshops for 2 levels intermediate and advanced dancers (please respect the level indication)

  6. Milonga lisa and introduction to the traspie (INT)
  7. Sacadas and barridas (INT)
  8. Giros, technique and combinations (ADV)
  9. Vals, combinations and musicality (ADV)

The prices given are per one lesson per one person.

WS 1st-4th 30 € 21 LVL
WS 1st-4th Special price for dancers from Baltic States 25 € 18 LVL
WS 5th -8th* 25 € 18 LVL
WS 5th-8th Special price for dancers from Baltic States * 20 € 14 LVL

*If you take more than 4 workshops (any), then the reduced rate applies for 5th and each next workshop.

On Saturday, 27 April a special Milonga will be organised in Kekava, culture centre “Doles Tautas Nams” (DTN) with a show of Sabrina and Ruben Veliz and DJ Evaldas from Lithuania! 21:00 – 3:00
Entrance 5 LVL.

On Friday, 26 April we will join with Sabrina & Ruben the traditional Friday’s Milonga at HiCentrs.

Workshop schedule

WS Nr. Topic Level Date Time Location
WS1 Basics of individual technique All 26.4. 18:30 – 20:00 HiCentrs, Riga
WS2 Dissociation All 26.4. 20:15 – 21:45 HiCentrs, Riga
WS3 Communication All 27.4. 13:00 – 14:30 DTN, Kekava
WS4 Walk well! All 27.4. 14:45 – 16:15 DTN, Kekava
WS5 Milonga Intermediate 27.4. 16:45 – 18:15 DTN, Kekava
WS6 Sacadas & Barridas Intermediate 28.4. 14:00 – 15:30 DTN, Kekava
WS7 Giros Advanced 28.4. 15:45 – 17:15 DTN, Kekava
WS8 Vals Advanced 28.4. 17:45 – 19:15 DTN, Kekava

Registration by sending workshop codes (like WS4) and name + surname of you and your partner to reinis@tangobaltica.org

Please register with a partner (approach our partner search function if needed). Be couraged, it works! So far we found partners for all dancers that approached us early enough!

After registration you will receive a payment request and after transferring (or handing over) the fee, your registration is valid.

Looking forward to your participation!

Heidrun & Reinis