7 December – 9 December 2012, Vilnius, Lithuania

On occasion of the World Tango Day we are happy to invite dancers to the Winter Tango Marathon. It is the first real tango marathon where people will dance and stay in one place. We hope it will become a nice tradition.

Tango Winter Marathon organizers focus on the tango feeling that is the most important in tango. Therefore, we offer the best DJ’s, good music, great floor. We guarantee that the marathon will not be interrupted by show programs and  performances. We hope that everyone will meet his or her beloved tanguero(-a), will hear his favorite music and will find that wonderful feeling of tango.

We invite you to join and create your own miracle of tango!

For more information please visit http://www.artango.lt

E-mail: info@artango.lt

Tel. nr.:
+370 656 20551 (Jurgina)
+370 656 68872 (Audrius)
+370 698 07999 (Laura)