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Midsummer Tango

The hottest midsummer tango in 2011 you can dance in Vilnius: from 23rd
till 26th June we invite you for four days and nights tango non stop
with the best DJs from the Baltic Sea region.
For more information:

Hot weekend with Ricky & Laura programme

Workshop Weekend with Laura Melo & Ricardo Barrios

1 – 3 April 2011

Laura & Ricardo brought us exciting moments during the 3rd TangoSunFestival in Jurmala 2010 – as teachers, dancers and persons. And we are very glad and excited that they will be with us in April, to give us another piece of their arts.

We have compiled a programme based on wishes from some of you, our own ideas and brushed by Laura’s & Ricardo’s professional eye. It is definitely not for beginners without tango experience and also not for advanced beginners dancing a few weeks or less than half a year. It is meant for the middle and advanced dancing level.

The programme:

Friday (01.04.2011)
18:30 – 20:00 WS1: Different Combinations in Close embrace – for the small dancing space in crowded
(middle-advanced level)
We will organize together with Tangostudio (Aigars) and EL NARANJERITO (Margita & Zigis) a Milonga in Cafe Bastejkalns starting from 22:00 with DJ Bodhi (Latvia) and a little vals by Laura & Ricardo to say hello to you all. The milonga will last until 2:00 and if you want to continue dancing further, Margita invites you to an after-party to her premises at Bruninieku str. 47.
Saturday (2.04.2011)
12:00 – 13:30 WS2: Ganchos: technique and combinations (middle level)
13:45 – 15:15 WS3: Rebounds and change of directions (middle level)
16:15 – 17:45 WS4: Sacadas: technique and combinations (advanced level)
18:00 – 19:30 WS5: Projections and Boleos: technique and combinations (advanced level)
Milonga in Café Bastejkalns (in cooperation with Tangostudio) with the Show of Laura
& Ricardo; DJ: Evaldas (Lithuania)
Sunday (3.04.2011)
13:00 – 14:30

14:45 – 16:15

WS6a: Giros part 1: technique

WS6b: Giros part 2: different combinations with enrosques, sacadas and lápiz

(block workshop, can be booked only as one course)

17:00 – 18:30 WS7: Milonga – without topic (advanced level)


Venue of the workshops will be: “Doles Tautas nams” in Kekava, Rīgas street 26 (across the street from the church). Map

Public transport: minibus from Railway station minibus port to Kekava, get out at church, the yellow building opposite the bus stop, entrance from back yard, 2nd floor.

Tautas Nams Dole


1 workshop 18 EUR 12.50 LVL
Dbl WS Sunday Giros 35 EUR 24.50 LVL
Special price for Baltic dancers*:
1 Workshop 13 EUR 9.00 LVL
Dbl WS Sunday Giros 25 EUR 17.50 LVL

* Special price for dancers from Baltic States upon pre-registration and payment until 28 March!


Registration in pairs please by mail at:
If you have no partner, please use our partner search page to look for other dancers who are looking for partners or to announce that you are looking for a partner. We cannot accept registration without partner.

Tango Baltica DJs play for you: New Year’s Milongas in Riga

31 December – 2 January

31.12.2010: Milonga at HiCentrs with DJ Evaldas, Lithuania

This milonga is organized by Lena & Dima from Hicentrs. You are kindly asked to buy tickets in advance (before 20-th of December) to give the organizers planning safety. For more details please visit their homepage:

01.01.2011: Milonga at Café Bastejkalns with DJ Reinis, Latvia starting from 22:00

This milonga is organized by Aigars from Tangostudio. Food (snacks, salads, sweets) and drinks are for sale in the restaurant – as always. However as we expect some more people to come we ask you kindly to register by clicking here so that we can inform the restaurant about the approximate amount of participants.

02.01.2011: Milonga at Baltā Pirts (Tallinas street 71) with DJ Maaret, Estonia

Place of milonga changed to Baltā Pirts in Riga. Milonga is hosted by Ieva & Misha. It will start at 20:00 and go on until 24:00. Entry price 2 LVL.

If you would like to come please register here.

Accommodation in Riga: we recommend you hotel Avalon or Radi & Draugi in the old town or find a variety of hostels. If you would like to stay privately at tango dancers please contact us before 29-th of December at:

Laura und Ricky

Hot weekend with Ricky & Laura in Latvia 1-3 April 2011!

01 – 03 April 2011

Dear Tangueros,

Beginning of April is definitely not the most beautiful season of the year in Latvia for outdoor activities – still snow, not yet spring, wet, cold… what to do? Take time for tango!

Laura und Ricky

Ricardo Barrios and Laura Melo have agreed to come and give another example of their high art of tango, which we all liked so much during “TangoSunFestival” 2010. We are sure that Ricky’s never ending energy and charisma will get you warm and Laura’s incredibly quick moving legs will make you sweating! Eight workshops and a show with Laura & Ricardo, Heidrun’s special partner search facilitation (☺), support finding accommodation and each evening a Milonga in cooperation with the local Tango schools are awaiting you and we hope to see you at our event.

Heidrun & Reinis

Argentinean Tango in Finland!

24 – 27 February 2011

Dear friends of the Baltic Sea tango community,

Finland is famous for its passion about Finnish tango – however, also Argentinean Tango has an enthusiastic community who is organizing a festival in the mid-winter 2011: 24 – 27 February. Helsinki in winter – why not taking a frostbite of tango?

Travel recommendation for Latvian and Lithuanian dancers: Its not so far from Baltic States – a car full of five dancers on the Estonian ferry and you are mobile also in Helsinki. Look for car package at!

We are glad to be partners to the Finnish organizing team and offer for people from Baltic States coordination of accommodation search at private homes – if you wish to go to Finland and stay at local dancers, please contact latest by 31 January 2011. If you prefer a hotel or hostel, please look at the festival web site.

Heidrun & Reinis

Milonga in Bastejkalns – Riga

11 December 2010

Aigars Stirna from Tangostudio is inviting you to a special Milonga to celebrate the International Tango day and birthday of Carlos Gardel in cafe Bastejkalns (Old Riga, Z. Meierovica Str. 12). Beginning at 22:00.

Carlos Gardel Milonga in Vilnius

11. December 2010

Our Lithuanian friends asked us to promote their Carlos Gardel Milonga on 11-th December in Vilnius. Please find more information at or at the Facebook event page.

For accommodation please contact Audrius Steikunas (, +37065668872), he is the main organizer.

Workshop weekend with Margita & Zigis at El Naranjerito

18 – 21 November: Workshop weekend with Margita & Zigis at El Naranjerito ( special topic: Enrosques and Aguilieras – all the nice things a leader can do and the perfect turns of his follower to support it.

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Tango Sun Festival

24 – 28 August

Dear festival participants and tango friends!
We are happy to announce that the 4. Tango Sun Festival will take place on August 24 – 28, 2011 in Jurmala. This year we plan more events and dancing opportunities for you beyond the traditional workshop program.

You will have the opportunity to dance all day long at our “Day Milongas” on Saturday and Sunday at Cafe Orients in Jurmala; furthermore we invite you to an exciting event, called “Tango meets Jazz” on 25th of August in which Gaia & Leandro will dance an improvisation on jazz music performed by Fabricio Nigris (Argentina) and Karlis Vanags (Latvia).

We have invited five DJs from five different countries for the five festival milongas starting on Wednesday 24th of August in Riga until Sunday 28th of August in Jurmala.

In our festival this year the maestros giving workshops and dancing their shows will be Diana Del Valle & Juan Camerlingo, Gaia Pisauro & Leandro Furlan and Ilona & Salvador Rios. We are very glad to have these three couples at our festival again, because for us it means that we can present to you a harmonized program where the workshops of the one builds up on the workshops of the other maestros. The program you see below is a result of this team work and you will find some special attractions like Gaia & Ilona or Salvador & Leandro working together in one lesson.

For more information please visit: