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More detailed info about the Vals course during the special weekend

After your requests – we repeat\continue our special course of vals. Already in the end of October!

Teachers: Elena and Dmitry Viktorov
Course has an intention improve skills of tango dancers from the basic of rhythm of vals till advanced combination.
Registration: on lessons, praktikas and milongas at HiCentrs, or by e-mail:
Payment: for those who has the season ticket for tango lessons at HiCentrs – by price the same (you could use your season tickets to pay for the course). For others – 1 lesson 5,- Ls

Saturday, October, 29
14:00-15:30 Vals 1. Rhythm and musicality, combinations of steps and rhythmic variety (repeating and deepening). Level: open. For dancers who have an idea about basic of tango.

Sunday, October, 30.
12:15-13:45. Vals 2. Change of direction and turns un vals. Level: intermediate.
14:00-15:30. Vals 3. Turns with soltadas. Level: intermediate/advanced.

По многочисленным просьбам – интенсивный семинар по вальсу – уже в конце октября!

Преподаватели: Дмитрий и Елена Викторовы
Курс рассчитан на постепенное усложнение материала – от основ и ритмики до комбинаций для продвинутого уровня.
Регистрация: на уроках, практиках и милонгах в HiCentrs, либо по эл.почте:
Оплата: занятия идут по цене обычного занятия абонемента HiTango. Для остальных – 1 занятие – 5,- Ls

Суббота, 29 октября
14:00-15:30 Вальс 1. Ритм и музыкальность, комбинации шагов и их ритмическое разнообразие (повторение и углубление). Уровень: открытый. Рассчитан на танцоров, имеющих небольшой опыт и представление об основах танго.

Воскресенье, 30 октября
12:15 – 13:45 Вальс 2. Смена направления и вращения в вальсе. Уровень: Продолжающие. Рассчитан на танцоров, имеющих представление об основах танго.
14:00-15:30 Вальс 3. Вращения с сольтадами. Уровень: для танцоров с опытом

Diana & Juan in Latvia 2012

Dear Fans of Diana & Juan,

after the great performance of Diana & Juan at the Tango Sun Festival as teachers, dancers and charming persons we are very glad to announce that we invited them to Latvia for a workshop weekend 30 March – 1 April 2012.


Heidrun & Reinis

4th Vilnius Tango Fiesta

October 6 – 10, 2011

Dear fans of the wonderful atmosphere at tango events in the Baltic states,

we would like to invite you to the fiesta in Vilnius, 6 – 10 October, with maestros and DJs from many countries of the world and the tango communities from the Baltic states eager to dance with you!

For more information, registration and logistics, please look at:

See you there,

Heidrun & Reinis

Join us to Wuppertal tango festival!

Wuppertal, the “Tango-Mekka” of Germany will this year host a fantastic festival programme – a long weekend due to German national holiday on 3 October makes the festival maxi-size, maestros, musicians, DJs and some sensational new locations will guarantee an extraordinary tango event. We are partner of the Wuppertal Festival and have special financial conditions – some reductions for selected workshops and Milonga passport – and can help with low price or private accommodation. If you have questions, ask Heidrun, she is in charge of the arrangements.

Prices –  only for dancers from Baltic States, RU/BY etc.

1st Workshop always 25€, 2nd: 23€, 3rd: 21€, further 19€

Green WS – special baltic price: (list attached).

The 1st workshop always 25 €
18 €  2. green workshop (5 Eu reduced)
16 €  3. green workshop (5 Eu reduced)
14 €  each further green workshop (5 Eu reduced)

Ball night:
25% reduction for table III/26 (31€ instead of 39€). Späteintritt (Later entry) ab 22:30 Uhr 15€.

All Milongas & Shows from Festival-Friday till Sunday (inkl. places at table III/26 ball night) 57€.

Join us!
Heidrun & Reinis

International Tango festival Riga Tango Fiesta

July, 8-10, 2011

We cordially invite dear tangueros and tangueras to spend nice summer time in the capital of Latvia.

For your pleasure will be a lot of possibilities :

– workshops and show by maestros Sebastian Achaval and Roxana Suarez (Argentine)

– show of special guests Elena Sergienko\Rodion Khramutichev (Ukraina\Russia); Giedre Matacuinaite\Pele Madsen (Lithuania\Denmark)

– 3 nights and 2 afternoon milongas

–  cheers, hugs, love and friendship!

More information :


1st international Festival TANGO PORT TALLINN – in European Capital of Culture 2011

July 20 – 24, 2011
Tallinn, Estonia

1st international Festival TANGO PORT TALLINN – in European Capital of Culture 2011
with greatest teachers as
El Flaco Dany (DANIEL GARCIA) & Lucia Mirzan
Cecilia González & Somer Surgit
María Trubba & Daniele Calà
Kaja & Martin Keil.
Live music from legendary orchestra Stazo Mayor with maestro Luis Stazo.
More information:

Tango workshop in Vilnius May 28-29, 2011

Jaimes Friedgen and Christa Rodriguez

Jaimes Friedgen and Christa Rodriguez in Vilnius !!!
Jaimes is one of the most inspiring tango dancers in the United States. Over many years he has studied with a wide variety of teachers, but his two main influences are Angel Echeveria and Mariano “Chicho” Frumboli. He is sought out for his creativity and deep insight into the inner workings of the dance. A dancer of extraordinary accomplishment, Jaimes is hailed for his beautiful movement and musicality. He is driven to be a full time tango teacher by his love of watching people continually grow and blossom through their exploration of tango, and feels very fortunate to be a part of that process.
Christa has been dancing for over many years, she is an extraordinary teacher and dancer. She is one of the most influential dancers in the city of Seattle and serves as the primary inspiration for a whole generation of dancers. Christa takes great pride in the progress of her students and continues to pursue her study of dance as a student and a teacher.

Their visit will further our dream of creating more tango dancers and taking the dance skills of those who already dance to the next level.

In addition to all the classes & workshops we are going to have both teachers at our milongas.

Please reserve these dates for your tango schedules and let your friends know about it.

May 28 (Saturday)

12.00-13.30 – Milonguero Style Part I: Ocho Cortados and Milonguero Turns, with Phrasing. Essential tools for social dancers of all levels. Beginners and Up

14.00-15.30 – Milonguero Style Part II: Turns! Especially to the right. More phrasing, more practice, more fun. Some milonguero experience strongly suggested. Beginners and Up

16.00-17.30 – Salon/Milonguero Liaisons: Bridging the gap with the beautiful and elegant Pasada from forward ochos. Int

20.00-24.00 – Milonga. We are in search of place

May 29 (Sunday)

12.00-13.30 – Salon Turns with Sacadas: A challenging class full of useful drills, beautiful sequences to the left and right, all while making use of Classic Vals to accelerate the development of these skills. Int/Adv

14.00-15.30 – The Nuevo Revolution: Changes of Direction. Learn to use right angles to open Pandora’s box and fly. Int/Adv

16.00-17.30 – Boleos: Secrets from decades past combined with modern developments to give you the magic touch in either role. Adv

Venue of the workshops will be:“Linedance” hall, 1st floor, supermarket “Parkas Outlet” Lakūnų g. 24 (entrance side-on)  Map
1 workshop  –  15 EUR (50 LTL)
3 workshops –  40 EUR (140 LTL)

Baltic Spring Tango Festival

Dear Tangodancers,

we would like to invite you to the Baltic Spring Tango Festival in Riga which is organized by our friends Elena and Dmitry Viktorovs at HiTango school ( It will take place on May 6-8.

For more information please visit the festival website at

Logistics info for Laura & Ricardo workshops

Map of important places in Kekava:

Address of the workshops venue is Rīgas street 26

Map of important places in Riga:

Milongas on Friday and Saturday are at Cafe “Bastejkalns” on Z.A. Meierovica bulvāris 12.
Workshops on Monday and Tuesday, and Tuesdays’ milonga are at club “El Naranjerito” on Bruninieku str 47. See also map.
The minibus from Riga to Kekava costs 0,60 LVL, the bus schedule is also available.
You can zoom in and drag the maps around to see more details.

New workshops with Ricky and Laura 4 and 5 april

Dear All,

thank you for being so interested in the workshops with Ricky and Laura! All courses on the weekend are fully booked.
We are arranging 3 more classes on Monday and Tuesday 4th and 5th of April for which you can register:

WS8 – New combinations for the close embrace in a small space (similar to WS1 but different combinations) (middle / advanced)

WS9 – More complicated combinations with boleos (advanced) as a follow-up for WS5

WS10 – Never-ending contact between partners – how to dance WITH your partner no matter how is your physical distance (middle) It’s a new topic to improve partners connection.

WS8 and WS9 are for dancers who either would like to learn more about the topics and also for those who have not attended WS1 and WS5 during the weekend.

These courses will take place at “El Naranjerito” at Bruninieku str 47. and cost 9 LVL.

WS8 – Monday 18:30
WS9 – Monday 20:15
WS10 – Tuesday 18:30 and after that – farewell milonga with Ricky and Laura.